Hèrmes Silk ball Malaysia

Hello beautiful, 
Yesterday, I attended Hèrmes Silk ball and thanks to Female Magazine for the invite. I brought along my friends. It was a fun night for all of us, we enjoyed everything that Hèrmes prepared. 
I brought along three of my friends with me,  Meet my friend Denver, he is a personal shopper at Topshop. So do look for him whenever you thinking of having someone to help with your shopping at Topshop, I love him !

Meet my dolls, we are Bffs since we were in our highschool. I wish I can bring my friend Shanice, she is now at Australia. From the left Rachel and Jeng, we are enjoying our food for the night. 

Awesome food for the night. Thank you Hèrmes:) 

Using  the Hèrmes scarf, they created a pretty headdress. 

Everyone enjoyed dancing at the dance floor.

This is a booth where your take a short video and then they will print out like a book. I didn't get a chance to get this as well. 

Hèrmes fortune teller booth. I didn't get a chance to read mine, because too many people queuing for their turn. 

Hèrmes prepared a hair makeover station and also make station. He is helping me to put on flowers around my pony tail. 

My outfit of the night : 
Top - topshop
pants - topshop
blazer - topshop
shoes- steve madden 
bag - prada

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