Bath & Body Works NuSentral Kuala Lumpur

Hello beautiful, 
I'm so excited finally the opening of Bath &body works at Nu Sentral Kuala lumpur yesterday. I went there around 2pm unfortunately they are not able to open until 6pm, so I get back home and get ready for early christmas celebration at my friend's house. It was so packed, we waited for 10 to 15 minute to check out our stuff. They are currently selling most of there normal items and some christmas set. But I haven't seen any christmas set that I like. 

Lot's of people queuing for their turn to go in the store. 

Long queue , you can pay by cash and also by card. 

Bath&Body works price in malaysia:

Pocketbac (small scented hand sanitiser) Rm12 each 
Pocketbac holder Rm20 without fancy light , Rm30 with fancy light 

Full sized: 
Shower Gel Rm50 
Body lotion Rm50 
Fragrance mist Rm55 
Body cream Rm50 
Body Scrub Rm62
Bubble bath Rm55
2.05oz Eau de toilette Rm120 / RM140 
3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Rm120 
Shimmer mist Rm62

Trio to go : ( small sized) 
Shower gel RM20
body lotion RM20 
Fine fragrance mist Rm25 

Hand Soap (foaming) Rm22 

Wallflower plug RM25 
Wallflower bulb Rm25
Room spray Rm20

Candles (big) RM78 
Candles (medium ) RM40 
Candles (mini) RM20 

Promotion price:  Shower gel & Body mist & Body lotion 295ml , promo Rm120 for mixing any 3 , each could be Rm45 and above 

Hand soap Buy 2 Rm30 

Pocketbac Buy 3 RM30 

Wallflower bulb Buy 2 RM45, Buy 4 Rm85 

Gift set would be from Rm78 (on the go size) Rm140 (full sized ) 

If you purchase Rm250 above you can get limited edition tote bag, for the first 100 customer only.
This free tote bag is fully redeemed. 

Bath&Body Works 
Venue: Ground floor, Nu Sentral Kuala lumpur 


  1. Hi Good Evening..I wan ask about the much the gift set Fragrance mist.And,also do you still haave buy 3 get 1 free promotion.

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