Magnum Kuala Lumpur

Hello Pleasure seeker, 

Yesterday, I was invited to grand opening of Magnum Kuala lumpur. 
Magnum Pleasure Store has now arrived in Kuala lumpur and bringing the ultimate indulgence pleasure to us. Best part of the store is where we can customised our own naked Magnum ice cream. They specifically design infinity Bar, and there are 250,000 possibility of "Make My Magnum" creations available for us. I think its the best excuse to eat ice cream everyday, because you want to try out all combination right :) 

How to "Make My Magnum" ? 
1. Choose the preferred naked Magnum (for example vanilla or chocolate brownies flavour) 
2. choose your toppings ( for example nuts , marshmallow) A lot interesting toppings that I never tried before like chilli flakes and goji berry.  
3. choose your coatings of Belgian chocolate brand ( for example white, dark, milk chocolate ) 
4. Choose your Drizzles( for example white, dark, milk chocolate )

How Much ? 

3 toppings + 1 coating + 1 drizzles = RM9.90 

Beside " Make my magnum" , there are special drinks, food and other dessert available. For Magnum Kl pleasure store they crafted Magnum Kaya waffle toast only for malaysia. And if you wondering whats their signature creations, it will be the Magnum triple choice cookie skillet, Magnum Galaxy and Magnum Triffle. 

Brought home this personalised Magnum chocolate with my name written. 

Special performance by our Malaysian R&B queen Ning Baizura. She is wearing glamorous dress from Rizman Ruzaini. 

The finale of the event, 6 magnum muses showcasing six artistic creation of Magnum ice cream. 
 Wak Doyok a man rich in style paired with The Magnum Black Leather by Fairuz Ramdan.

Ning Baizura paired with The Magnum Diva, I love hers the most. 

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