What I got for christmas ?

Hello beautiful, 
"Jingle bells! Jingle Bells! All I want for Christmas ... lalalala.." 
Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a great time with your family. This year I celebrated Christmas with my beloved family and friends. My parents throwing a big party for everyone. We enjoyed singing karoke, and  zumba dancing performance by my mother and her friends. Lots of food, christmas cookies, and dessert. And my santa send me awesome gift this year, I've been a good girl. I wanna thank you for all the awesome gorgeous gift. I love reading and watching "what i got for christmas", and I think you love it too right ? I'm not bragging in any way, just wanna share what I got this year and please do share with me what you got too okay.
This is my Pandora Santa charm. It's so cute and so my it's going to be on my bracelet !! If you don't know about Pandora, it's a bracelet that you can customized with more than thousand of charms available to design your own bracelet. 

And I also got this is the pandora leather bracelet.  I'm going to build another new story for my new bracelet. 

This is the cutest candy, it's not mine but I got to eat it too. This candy is all the way from japan.  

I'm so surprised that I got a bag this year !! I never get enough with bags. I'm in love with this cute bucket bag, It's really convenient to bring this everywhere, it's light. It also have two ways to carry it, over the shoulder or just hang it on my arms. I can throw in almost everyhing I need in it. 

I'm not a baby girl anymore, but deep inside I'm still that little girl and I always will be. I love teddy bear, and I got this cutest bear ever that I can bring it everywhere with me. Don't you just love it ? I'm going to hang it on my new bag. 

Have you build nanoblocks before ? It's my first time and I'm already addicted to build it, and I wanted to get more. I think it's very great time spending and exercise your hand and brain. You should get it and play the real game instead of playing apps . 

Omg ! This is the pretiest make up tool i ever got !! Gorgeous eyelash curler. It will take care of my eyelashes for the rest 2015. 

Another sweet and cozy gifts, I always love receiving Sleepwear, socks and scarf. 
I'm so happy to receive all these, they are really thoughtful and I really enjoyed my christmas this year ;) 
How was your christmas ? Share with me :) 

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