What to wear on your workout day ?

Hello Beautiful, 
From left : Michi , Lucas HughWe are handsome,Phat buddha
It's a brand new year, and I guess we all have a new year resolution list and inside that long list, we wanted to get our dream body that has been hiding inside us. So we join the gym or sign up for dance classes or yoga classes.And we also know that  if only we can just persuade ourself to stick on our  routine consistently, we can achieve our dream body in no time. In order to do that I think we need to have a schedule to follow and also let ourself to be interested, be excited with our schedule. My only way to get myself excited is to wear pretty while I'm having my workout. I know you might think what it is gonna to relate on what I wear with my workout performance ? Trust me, wearing pretty workout outfit will motivates you to achieve your daily workout goal, you will see yourself in the mirror and you will fell positively great about yourself. So i think it's time to do a workout outfit shopping today and get rid of those old tshirt and old sports bra that doesn't even attract yourself while looking in the mirror. 
1. Tight Fitting leggings 
I'm in love with tight fitting leggings, they are very comfortable to wear and feel like second skin. I can move freely with it. There are many pattern available in the store.

1. Michi spiral leggings
2. Jungle heat capri leggings 
3. White knight leggings
2. Sports Bra 
I could not do my workout with my everyday bra, I need a sports bra that supported my boobs the right way and reduce movement. It can cause sagging if you not wearing sports bra.

3. Tops 
Don't want to show too much skin, get a loose fitting tank tops. You can find tank top with printed quote for motivation, or tank top with sexy back. 
1. Adidas by stella mccartney
2. Koral Activewear
3. Soulcycle
4. Shoes 
What can I say about shoes ? They are tons of interesting design available colours, and I think it's time to get rid of all black shoes, you might want to buy some neon colour. You gonna look great ! And you will run faster and longer :)


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by www.shopbop.com 

The colour of 2015 - MARSALA

Hello beautiful, 

What is the colour for 2015 ? The pantone colour of the year is Marsala. It's an earthy warm red brown colour. So basically you will not be wrong dressing up with this colour this year, it suitable any season, great or any occasion. You can paired up with simple white, aqua, lilac, grey, coral, or silver pink. Start your shopping with this year colour Marsala. 

Here some of fashion pick from shopbop.com

1. Remy Brooke sleeveless top 
2. Etienne Marcel Military dress
3. Madewell tees
4. Tory burch iphone cover 
5. Bottega Veneta Leather accent sunglasses
6. Tory Burch mini bucket bag 

Start New for 2015

Hello beautiful, 
Happy New Year! 
Another brand new year, we have 365 brand new days. 
We can live another wonderful year and treasure the amazing purpose of life. I have set myself a long list of goals for 2015, and it can be a stressful to think of it now, can I achieve them ? I know some of you might feel the same as I do, but I think we can all start from a very simple steps, and these simple steps will bring us somewhere we dream of or even somewhere that we never thought.

 In order to reach my goals, here are my simple things that I promise myself to do it everyday for 2015: 
1. Write down at least one Positive thing everyday. 
Get a new diary/ notebook, you can buy fancy pretty diary/ notebook from the bookstore . You can recycle your old book and decorate them, as long as you have pages to write on it. Or you download a notebook in your phone and let it be your personal diary. 
The goal- write down one positive thing that happen in your day. ( you can write more) Just be simple. 
Example : I'm thankful that I have clean water to drink today. 
2. Drink water at least 1500ml a day. 
You can get a new water bottle, and set alarm to remind yourself. 
3. 10 minute meditation everyday. 
Take only 10 minutes per day" close your eyes, and think nothing, just listen to your breath, Breath in and out". Empty your mind and you will have more clearer mind. You will be more focus and it really help with all the stress. 
4. Sleep before 11pm
This will be the most challenging one for me. But I will force myself to fulfil this at least 3 days a week. And must sleep at least 6 hours a day. 
5. Exercise 3 times a week
Don't have gym membership, you can do it at home. You have to do it at least 1 hour for 3 times a week. You can choose jogging, or follow workout from youtube. 
Good Luck!