Preparation for Valentine's day - Beauty

Hi beautiful, 
Valentine's day is another 3 days, are you going out for a big date ? If you just planning to stay at home, well you can follow these steps to refresh yourself, and pampered yourself for being awesome. 
Here's my beauty preparation before my valentine's date so that I will look the best that I can be. 
1. Scrub it Away
Not only before valentine's date,  every time I have any big event,  I will reach for my scrub products. Body scrub, facial scrub, and lip scrub. I want to have a glowing skin instead of dull skin. 

For body scrub my current favourite is from Body shop, they smell so yummy and of course they soften the rough area and swipe all my dead skin cell and get back my glowing skin. 

As for my hand I recently got this bath and body works hand scrub, it soften my hand and feels like I've been to hand spa treatment, they smell lovely too!

 Recently I've been trying out Laneige Yogurt peeling gel, it doesn't feel rough on the skin, it's a gel type, I just wet my face and apply circular motion onto my skin and it do the work to clean out my dead skin cell. It is suitable for sensitive skin and you don't have to worry that you strip away your skin, they are really gentle and yet still working on brighten up my skin. 

Another biggest problem of mine, a dry chapped lips, not so sexy. I have to gently scrub my dead skin on lips, ( yes I'm guilty for not drinking enough water). I've been using fresh sugar lip polish for years, it will melts after working it on the lips. They are rough at first so you have to be gentle and try not to peel your skin, after you done and wash your lips, directly apply lip balm to secure the moisture. 

2. Facial Hydration Mask
Yes definitely a facial mask is another very crucial product to my face. It gonna took around 15 minutes everyday to pampered my skin. You going to do it at least day before once and before your makeup.

My current two favourite hydration mask are from glamglow and My scheming. My scheming hydration mask like paper mask, it is very light and almost transparent on my skin. It contain alot of essence in one mask, I will apply the rest on my neck. Next is the glamglow thirstymud, which I used it every night like a sleeping mask.  It contain a dewdration boost that locks in moisture for a dewy and youthful result. I wake up with bouncy supple skin and healthy looking skin. 

3. Body Butter 
To feel and look great overall on your body, I need a body butter, which is more moisturising and nourishing to the skin. I must apply it after I did my scrub routine. Body butter from body shop is more creamy than lotion, and they smell really delicious. They are perfect after you scrub your body.   
4. Eye cream 
I have quite serious dark eye circle, and if I don't get enough sleep I will have puffy eyes.  Try a cold spoon or buy eye mask  make it cold before use. And of course an eye cream that design for dark circle. Like the Origins Ginzing eye cream formulated wuth a proprietary complex of caffeine from coffee bean, panax ginseng, magnolia extract and natural optic brighteners. It can reduce dark circles, and de puff.
5. Waxing
I would highly recommend to wax legs and arms 2- 7days before. If you want to shave, then I would recommend that you do it the similar day on your date. My most favourite waxing strips is from veet, its easy to use, Just warm it between your palms , and then peel it and stick in on, and then make sure it stick on properly before you peel it off against the hair direction. 
6. Hair mask 
I want to look great from head to toe. In order to have a smoother and healthier hair on my big date, I will be be doing a hair mask routine, where first I shampoo then rinse and applied the hair mask and wait for at least 15 minutes and give a massage to my scalp. My current favourite is the kerastase maskeratine, it calm down my frizzing hair. The phycologist for my hair, keep my hair tame and smooth. 

7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water
You wnat to look your best but you are not treating your body well. Beauty is a whole package, you have to drink your water no matter what okay :)

8. Exercise at least 30 minutes
I know you are busy and a lot of excuses, but please take only 30 minute to jump and run around or just dance ! 

9. Think Happy Thought 
Why you need to think what if something bad happened, if I failed ? Try to think more on the positive side, something great going to happen. Try to do happy thoughts not the bad thoughts. 

10. Go to bed earlier before 11pm 
Go to bed at 11pm and you will get your beauty sleep, your liver is going to do detoxication between 1am - 3 am and in order to do that you have to go bed earlier. You can wake up after 3 am. And continue whatever you want to continue. 

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