Guide for women's wallet

Hello beautiful, 

We never leave home without a wallet. A wallet is not just an accessory, it is a functional fashion item to keep our cash, credit card, coins, membership card, and Id card. Everyone has their own favourite kind of wallet. A women's wallet must be stylish and functional. There are tons of colour, design, size, prices to be considered before you decide what wallet to get. You don't want to end up going home spending too much and realised this is not the one that you need. 

1. Determine what kind 

The minimalist 

Carrying only Id card, some cash, credit card and some coins. You are the kind of person that only bring what you need. It's very slim and compact. You don't need extra space. 

  The classic 

Mostly people need this kind of wallet, it can hold up to more cards, cash, and coins and space for receipt.  This is my kind of wallet to carry everyday. 

The traveller 

Travelling very often ? Need to carry your passport all the time? This is a full package wallet, you can put almost everything you got inside. You don't have to be travelling a lot to carry this wallet because it also great those who need to bring a lots of cards, cheque book, cash, coins, and receipts. 

After you decide what kind of wallet you are, then you can consider: 

2. The colour 

I heard that fengshui guidance on wallet colour should be black or pink because it will help with the luck of more money coming in and keep you from spending. 

3. The material

Leather material for long life span but this may affect the price range too. 

4. The price

The price of a wallet will depends on the design of the wallet ,brand and material. You can check out more website or store to compare with prices before purchasing.  

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