Dinner In The Sky Malaysia

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Hope you guys were doing great, it has been a while since I updated this blog. I've been struggling with my time management, work, study, and blogging. I come out with a schedule which probably ensuring that my blog will be updated accordingly. 
 If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram you probably saw me posting my pictures having my dinner in the sky. Our session was on August 8, 6:30 pm. We took Uber black to Kuala Lumpur Tower, and we used the discount code that they provided which cover Rm40 per ride, so I ended up paying around RM4 for each trip. We arrived at KL tower way earlier than expected because there was no traffic jam at all. And the waiting lounge was not even ready for us to wait inside, so we have to go to the nearest cafe. 
At 5:30 pm, the waiting room is open. Once you reached there, you have to show your booking confirmation ticket, and then a lady will help you to arrange a seat, and you have to remember your seat number.  You can't request for specific seats, but you try your luck by waiting for other people to register first and almost the seat that you desire you quickly register yourself. We wanted the seat No.11 and 12 so what we do is that we let other people register first. If you want to take a selfie with KL tower, you ought to get a seat from 12- 19, if you want to have a front view with KL tower, then the seat should be from 1-8 ( if I'm not mistaken). We are both sitting on corner seat which personally I think is the scariest seat. The weather is cloudy and quite hot. 
You can wear anything you like, probably not slippers. Once you make your reservation, they will send you a confirmation email. And the week before your dinner, there is another email to let you know some of the tips before going for your dinner in the sky. 

This is the registration booth. You can take a group photo with their backdrop.

You can get a complimentary drink here in the waiting lounge. And if you wish to bring up alcohol drink, you can purchase here before you go up. 

This is the lifting machine. Just pray that the machine is in a perfect condition so that everyone is safe. 

If you are having no luck to go up, you ended up eating your dinner in this dining booth. Not too bad, because at least chandelier was prepared.

 This is the drink menu, few options from Rm15-  Rm1299.

Can you notice my hand is grabbing the table, to be honest, I'm scared to be up so high!!

I can't wait to have my dinner served.
You have to pre-select your choice of the main course. 
I choose a wagyu beef for my main course. You can choose either chicken or beef or vegetarian. This is a five-course dinner, the food is quite good, they are from Hilton Hotel. I like the soup and also the dessert. But there is not enough time for me to enjoy my dessert, because after they had served the dessert, we were going down already.

While we were buckling up, they were preparing our dinner.

Don't forget to take a selfie with friends beside you :)

This is a great experience. It could be better if my seat is nearer to the table, I think the person in charge that helped me strapping my seat belt, forget to adjust my seat, and because I'm too excited, I didn't realize it until I'm already up in the sky. If you want to experience dinner in the sky too, they are opening reservation in SEPTEMBER !! Please refer to the weather forecast right before you make your reservation,(just to avoid disappointment), because they are not going up if it's raining between the time of your dinner. Each session lasts about 1 hour. So enjoy the food in the sky, taking a selfie, and you will be bringing back home a complimentary photo of yourself.

If you want to experience to have dinner in the sky, they are opening in September. Go get your seat today ! You can only buy the ticket through their website , Each pax is Rm699 (previously Rm599) Make your reservation here: http://www.dinnerinthesky.my/?p=booking.html This is also a great gift. Anyone want to bring me up again ?

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