Easiest No Makeup, Makeup Look Tutorial

Hi Beautiful, 

We all agree that sometimes we want to look "Au naturel" and still super gorgeous  but you know due to the environment and our lifestyle we might have some problem with dark circle, blemishes and so on.We can cheat a little bit and do something to our face to look like we wearing no makeup at all. But still have that glowing fresh young skin. To achieve this look, depends on how comfortable you are, you can definitely just slap on tinted mosituriser, BB, CC or dont even bother to put any foundation at all. The key point here : 

#1 No thick makeup foundation, sheer foundation just to even out skin tone and very thin layer. 

#2 You can use concealer to correct your skin tone around eye area, and maybe just a natural colour like brown to give a depth to your eyes but remember, we want it to be invisible, so you just need to give like a shadow to your eyes. 

#3 Don't use any face powder at all or if your foundation is feeling sticky you only use translucent powder . This is because you don't want look like a layer of powder covering your face. 

#4 Skincare routine is very crucial here ! You might want to do facial scrub, facial mask and of course the basic skincare routine cleanse, toner, serum and moisturiser. 

#5 If your skin is oily, you can use a primer to control the visibility of your face. 

#6 You might want avoid any powder makeup product, stick to cream or watery based makeup products. For blusher, you can choose tinted product to create a natural blush to your cheek.  And for your lips recreate a colour that is similar like your own lip colour. Avoid cracked lips too ! 

So here's my No makeup, Makeup Look tutorial. I'm using only 6 makeup product to achieve this very natural makeup look ! You barely see any different but very obvious that my skin is glowing and fresh after my makeup. 

Let me know what is your tip and trick when you are going for "Au naturel"? Please do comment down below, thank you ! 

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