Hello 2016, let's recap on my 2015 !

Hello Beautiful, 
In the blink of an eye, Hello 2016! Goodbye 2015, thank you for all the good times and tough times. I know I'm guilty of not updating my blog like forever. So many things had happened, and now I don't know where to start to talk about everything. So I'll just share some of my best moment of 2015 through photos. I hope you guys enjoy looking back with me.
 One of my wishlist checked ! I always wanted to have colourful hair. Finally I stepped out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much Number76 for my hair transformation. My hair is awesome right. 

I travelled to Hong Kong in March and Disneyland for the first time! Childhood wishlist checked! And guess what?? The last day in Hong Kong I was actually by myself, my fiance had to go back earlier for urgent matters.

Went to Bandung with my sister and fiance. Such a beautiful place. 

Dinner in the sky, I can't believe that I agreed to do it. I was literally shaking when we reach so high up from the ground, and I even drop my asparagus. 

I won a rose gold iPhone 6s from female magazine. It is just a simple easy Facebook post sharing contest. I never had won anything before from a lucky draw contest.
My best friend Rachel gave birth to Baby Joyce. The day she gave birth I was there with her the whole night helping out. What a wonderful memory! Baby Joyce is so adorable! I hold and hug her, I don't feel like putting her down. 

This year christmas is like previous year. 
I always celebrate Christmas with my family.
 I always know that fairy tales exist. After 5 years, he asked me, I said Yes! I couldn't ask for more, because he is just perfect for me. Thank you everything Honey! 
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