Superthai Restaurant Food Review ( Non halal)

Hello beautiful, 
Who love Thai food here ? I love Thai food for its texture, complexity of taste and vibrant colour. When I was Invited to go for a food review at Superthai restaurant at Damansara Uptown with other bloggers. I'm quite excited! Finally my craving for sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter get satisfied. This restaurant serve Pork. This restaurant is located at Damansara Uptown nearby Wondermilk, and it is at 2nd floor. The whole restaurant setting is simple and comfortable. This restaurant suitable for couple, friends and family to enjoy. The price range is from Rm2 - Rm50. It is suitable for family and friends. You can enjoy lunch and dinner here. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12-2:30pm and 6-9:30pm. 

This is the menu of the restaurant. 

This is the Luncheon Meat Fried Rice. I like this fried rice because it is not oily!Personally I think that cooking fried rice really need a good skills. Although this come with luncheon meat but it is not overly salty. You can just keep eating it !

Any fried and crunchy food is my thing. This is the soft bone chicken knuckle(Rm18). This is one of my favourite dish from Superthai! You cannot stop munching on these. The sauce that come with is sweet and spicy.

You can't go wrong with crispy omellete (Rm12) like this right? This is just some basic dish that you have to ordered just incase everything you don't like, at least you got this delicious omelette.

Complete your Thai meal with TomYam soup(Rm8). You can request for the level of spiciness, so for those who can't take it, just let them. But be daring and enjoy the flavour ok !

Fried Kang Kong( Rm12). Can't take spicy dish ? This fried kangkong is not spicy. 

This is the flamed grilled pork belly (Rm25).  If you have a bowl of hot white rice, imaging eating this, how many bowl of rice you think you can finish. I'm sure I can at least 2 bowl of rice.

This is the flame grilled pork neck(Rm27). This is one of Superthai chef recommended special dish.

This is the Stuffed Squid. You can see the squid is stuffed with minced pork meat, and dressing with lime, chili and garlic. This is an interesting dish, I like the texture when bitting into the squid.

After meal, you have to get a dessert. Red ruby jack fruit ( Rm10). This bowl of dessert is super creamy, and give you that complete satisfactory! 

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