Dinner In The Sky Sepang International Circuit - MotoGP 2016

Hello Beautiful, TGIF! How are you guys doing today?
Today I have to wake up way earlier that I usually do. I almost overslept, but I manage to get up and get ready for the first session of Dinner in the Sky at Sepang International circuit. This time the experience of dining in the sky is totally different than my last visit. I get to watch Moto3 free practice (9am-940am) while I was up in the Sky enjoying my canapes.  I have never been to Sepang International Circuit. And also never seen any Superbike on track before. I'm quite excited for it! You can check out my snapchat- jenngorgeous for videos taken today. 

This morning we (fiance and I) decided to drive all the way to Sepang International Circuit. We leave home around 7 am. And arrived at the location around 8 am.  We used Waze to help us, just type" Sepang International circuit SIC paddock" then there are few signboard guiding along the way. 
Once you reached the big gate, we showed them our tickets and they gave us a guest pass. Then we park at the provided parking at South Paddock . The parking is just right next to the lifting machine. So don't worry, you don't need to walk far to get there. 
Parking lot 
Guest pass

They also provide shuttle service, but I'm not if it's for free or special price given. You have to ask the organiser through Facebook

You have to show your tickets, and they will help you to register and assigned a seat for you. It was early in the morning; I'm a bit blur, so I wasn't thinking much. I forgot that I need to get corner seatSad. I didn't get much of beautiful photo this time around. So if you want to get you the best seat, you need to do exactly like what I did last time ( read here). My personal recommendation you should get corner seat, so you can take a nicer picture.  
Once you registered yourself, you can sit at the waiting lounge, and they will give you a complimentary juice. 
While waiting on board, you can take a photo at their backdrop.

You can go outside and watch Superbike on track.

It's time to buckle up!  Remember don't wear long skirt and slippers. Dress code is Smart casual.
I'm not sweating at all when I'm up in the sky. They prepared fan, popcorn, and juice for us. 

The canapes are prepared by Sherson Lian from Kitchen Mafia. From left :

Canape 1: Cured Salmon
Asian Cured, Garden Greens , Plum & Apple cider dressing

Canape 2:
Baked Potato Layers
Mushroom & Chestnut Duxelle , Scallions

Canape 3:
Chicken Roulade 
Asian Barbeque Glaze, Aromatic “Kerabu”

Canape 4:
Red Velvet ConeCream Cheese Frosting, Red Velvet Tears, Candied Duck, Pistachios
It is about 45 minutes to enjoy your time up in the sky. The food is lovely; I like the salmon ( refreshing), the potatoes ( I love it, they make it think slice and feels like eating lasagna ) and the chicken ( ayam kicap my favorite ). The food is only this much, and you might want to get some food after this. 
This is the view from above. You'll be amazed how loud the Superbike sound like from above. 
Do you want to experience dinning in the sky and watch MotoGp from the sky ? 
You can still buy your ticket here : http://www.dinnerinthesky.my/booking.php
Can you recognise who is in the picture here ? Obviously it's me!

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