Happy New Year 2017

Hello Beautiful, 
Happy new year! I know it's not too late to wish everybody Happy new year! We have 11 months to go in 2017. What's your new year's resolutions? I watched a 4 year old kid talked about resolution the other day and I thought everybody should watch it too. I'm sure we might be feeling overwhelming, but what she said is true "Keep your resolutions, but go easy on yourself. Will you change? Maybe. But it probably won't happen in one big moment. It'll happen in thousands of little moments." So we keep moving and do it one at a time. 

I've been through a lot of changes in my life last year and I haven't updated anything on my blog. I think it's time for me to have my "me time" to start blogging again. So let me give an update what's going on with me right now. 
If you are wondering if I'm married? The answer is I'm still engaged with my fiancĂ©, we are happily engaged and planning a wedding is really making both of us stress.  So we decided that we are taking everything in our own pace, slow and steady. And we are glad that both of our parents are supportive and no one ever giving us any additional stress. I know God is there with us and eventually we are going to have our wedding soon! That's about my love life. 
Last year, I started to sell my handmade beauty products- PUROMI. If you are wondering what is the meaning of PUROMI. PURO means pure in Spanish, MI is me! All of my Puromi products are handmade with love by myself. I'll talk more on Puromi in another blog post. Feel free to check out Puromi www.mypuromi.com. Besides that, I'm also working a day job in an audit firm. It's been a great working experience so far. 
I didn't go back to my hometown for the last Christmas. So not much happening on the holiday season. I did feel a little bit sad about not going back. However, my parents did come over here in KL to visit me just recently. That's about my updates. I promise that I'll try to squeeze my time blogging for you beautiful out there that read my blog. 
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Stay Gorgeous! 

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