My New Short Hair

Hi beautiful, 
I've always prefer having a long hair, after going crazy with colourful hair. My hair went through a lot  and personally I think my hair done a great job surviving all the chemical processed. But they doesn't look as good as before, and it is hard to manage especially after shower and it is hard to blow dry my hair.  So I decided to chop it off! Recently I've been rocking my short hair! I never thought I'll look good with short hair. Surprisingly I got a lot compliment from friends and family. Hair style is very important  to enhance your beauty. One thing to remember when you are going for a makeover , you need to get a stylist that really know their stuff really well, they know how to match your hair style with your face shape. My hairstylist know that I want to get rid of my damage hair. Just cutting it short might not make me look pretty, I have to spend time styling my hair. So she suggested to perm my hair to give a volume and I can simply blow dry my hair and get that volume so it look good and save a lot of time.  
Before the chopping begin. 

This is after my haircut. 

After a month I went back to get another shorter haircut, new bangs and colour. 

What do you think of my new hair makeover? 

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