Black Friday Mini Haul 2017

Hi Beautiful, 
Let me tell you guys how much total saving I got during Black Friday Sale,  total saving of RM600.50 !!! Isn't that a great deal or what? 
How's your Black Friday shopping last month? I'm controlling myself so that I won't fall into the trap of buying stuff that I don't need and ended up wasting my money. I broke my hairdryer and just in time for me to get a new one during Black Friday Sale. I have my own kinda tradition before Christmas where I will buy 5 sets of inner wear (panty and bra) every year. So that's definitely in my list. And also I can't resist the 15% off from Sephora, which I shouldn't be in the store on that day but I ended up queuing for check out( hello I'm a crazy broke shopaholic).So is not like I can buy but I don't want to, more to like I don't have money to buy for now(haha). 

If you missed out Black Friday sale, listen up everyone! SEPHORA is having special 20% off some of the product in store. The two items that I got do get 20% off too! So hurry up before out of stock.  Click HERE for the list. 
Tadaaa... Total saving RM600 !!! Happy for me or not? I'm proud of myself because I only buy stuff that I need. 
This is great for gifting for this Christmas. It is originally RM240 and I got it for RM204. Come in pretty makeup bag, a deluxe size mascara and 3 palette.
Each of the palette has eyeshadow, a blusher or contour or highlight. The reason why this palette is great for gifting because it already come with a gift card message!  

I wanted a new skincare to try out. This is my first time getting Dr.Jart+ product. It is selling for RM190 and after 15% off RM161.50. My skin is very dry and I just need some help. Hopefully this set will help me with my skin problem. 
You are getting mini version of everything from Dr. Jart+ hydrating series. A cleanser, moisturiser, bb cream and a ceramidin( cream). I will do another review for this set , so stay tuned. 
My new hair dryer originally selling for RM135 and I got it for RM89. I think it has a good price with powerful dryer power. You can try it at Aeon Philips section, affordable and good hairdryer. It has a Thermoprotect function. I use it every single time after I wash my hair. 
These are my new babies. They gonna snuggle me and giving me warm. Total price RM779 after discount RM290.40 for 6 matching panties and 5 bras. They are having member sale 40% discount for RM400 purchase until this tomorrow Sunday 10/12/2017. 
If you missed out Black Friday Sale,  now is the season of big discount and sale. So stay tuned for my next blogpost for discount and sale happening for you, I'll be taking a trip around the mall to give a summary of sales for this month. I'm very excited for my adventure to look for sales. 

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