Guide to Catholic Wedding preparation in Malaysia

Hi Beautiful, 
Are you planning for a wedding ceremony in a catholic church? I'm going to share my experience on how to get married in a catholic church. I had my wedding ceremony at St Ignatius Church Petaling Jaya. I had no idea how to do it at first and with no guidelines. I asked a few people in the church and went to the church office to get more details on the marriage service. 
I had a bad experience on preparing my wedding ceremony, there were no Choir team, commentator and reader for my wedding mass. My original plan was to have an english wedding mass,  because of my last minute request the person in charge was unable to help me. The admin is trying to help me out, and asked the person if she can find a way, but she was not into it at all. At that time all I can think of is that I ruined my own wedding due to my misunderstanding for timing of the arrangement. Because I always thought they already know who is going to get married next and ready to do the service. I was so wrong to think that, and it is why I almost ruined my own wedding. I should get it done way earlier by calling the person in charge and inform them 3-4 months before my wedding date. 
Thank God, because I think it is a part of  God's plan, He has a better plan for my wedding ceremony. I was able to have a Chinese wedding mass in the end. I really felt more love and blessed because I went from crying like a baby and then smiling all the way until the end of my wedding. And after that, my dad( not a catholic) he really appreciate the message was given on that day and keep reminding us all. I'm grateful for my wedding ceremony, because all these years I've been waiting for my husband and finally I'm going home with Him. My husband is a gift from GOD! Wuhoo!! I'm also really grateful for all the people working on that day, they able to help me in such short notice. From this I learned that you need to arrange everything in advance. For big event like a wedding, you have to get everything confirmed at least 3- 4 months ahead, please don't do it last minute. And please learn from my mistake, I almost ruined my own wedding remember. And you don't have to cry like me, I over reacting on that day. So here's some of my tips :
This is a guide based on my church. Your church might have different requirement, please do contact your parish office for details. 

9 months before your intended wedding date

  • Decide on your wedding date and get details for your church's marriage service.
  • Prepare document 1,2,3,4,5 for submission to parish office.
  • Go to your parish office to check on the available wedding date, book the date and pay for registration and admin fee RM150 (fee may vary). 
  • Then sign up for Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC ). You can check the available date with your parish office on the same day you making the booking. You can choose 3 days course (BM/ CHI) or 6 weeks course - 2 hours per session (ENG) of CMPC. We paid RM100 for the material fee to attend this course. Will talk more about this in another blogpost- Link coming soon.

4-6 months before the wedding date, after completion of CMPC 

  • You will receive a CMPC certification and submit to the parish office. 
  • Go to parish office to do appointment with parish priest for Prenuptial Inquiry (PNI)
  • After you are done with PNI, you can proceed to Civil registration of marriage(read below), your solemnisation must be done one month before your intended wedding date.
  • Then submit document 6 to the parish office.

  • Arrange your wedding ceremony floral decoration for the church, you need to call the person in charge. Basically you need to share the flower decor with the couple that has the same wedding date as you (there will be in different session in one day per couple). You need to decide on the choice of flower and the colour. The cost will be a sharing basis ( around Rm300- Rm1300 per couple). You need to inform them if you want to arrange your own decoration.  
  • Arrange choir, commentator and reader, 4 months before to be safe or at least not less than 2 months. You can have your own commentator and reader, it could be your friends and family. If they are suitable for the part, must be 18 years of age and know the current church procedures. I prefer that you find someone that has work for that part before. Just call the person in charge if they have someone up for that spot. The cost will depend on you, you can give small token of appreciation for them. 

  • Start to design your wedding booklet. They will provide your a sample and you just need to choose the song and readings and edit the booklet. Design your booklet. Once you done, print it out and send back to the parish office for them to check and correct your mistake. After you got a corrected copy, you can send it for printing. Will talk about this is another blogpost - Link coming soon.

1-2 months before wedding date, after getting Registration of civil marriage 

  • Arrange for wedding rehearsal, you can make appointment with the Sacristan. He will go through with you the whole process. Remember to go with your fiance, and if your bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl ring boy/girl, mother and father able to come along, you guys can do rehearsal together. 

Submission of Documents checklist for the parish office: 
  1. A copy of Baptism certificate.
  2. A copy of confirmation certificate.
  3. One recent passport size colour photo of each individual to put on the Banns.
  4. Copy of Identification card of couple getting married. 
  5. Copy of two witnesses' identification, one for bride and groom. ( parents and siblings excluded)
  6. Registration of CIVIL MARRIAGE - You should attend CMPC course then take prenuptial inquiry PNI before getting the registration of CIVIL MARRIAGE. Guide to Civil marriage preparation in Malaysia - link coming soon. 


  1. Hi Jennie,

    Thank you sooo much for taking time to pen down and publish the above preparatory checklist for a Catholic wedding. YOU LOOOK SO GORGEOUS in the Wedding Dress! :)

    Pertaining to document 1,2,3,4,5,6? May I know where I can download/retrieve it from? Would greatly appreciate your reply.

    Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness! :)


  2. I read that Post and got it fine and informative. pendants

  3. Hi, I was plan to marriage registry on Oct this year. After that, just register to attend the cmpc said Nov 2020. And then I will plan to have my wedding ceremony in church on Jul to sep 2021. Can I do so?