Gelsmart Moisturizing Shin Sleeves Review

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Mashimaro (my shihtzu boy ) : what's that mama? 

Anyone here hate to apply body lotion ? Do you know that you can still moisturise your skin without applying any body lotion/ cream, 100% guarantee non greasy, you don't need to apply it on your skin/ massage it to your skin. You just need to wear them for 20-30minutes and after that no washing or anything required. You can use it while you are watching television, cleaning up the house, reading books, or doing homework. It is something that can be wearable up to 50 times. You can definitely wash it and reuse it. Doesn't it sound great ? What is it ? It is the Gelsmart Moisturizing Shin Sleeves. It is a sleeves that contain Gel Lining that will work the magic to smoothen and soften your skin.

 Today I'm going to give my review on this product, you might love it ! I wanna make it clear before you finish reading, this product is sent to me for my 100% honest review only. And of course, I wouldn't make any fake review for the sake of free products because I'm so blessed that I can afford almost everything that I want. I'm enjoying sharing my opinion on things that i tried before, so that I can help you guys in some way :) Thank you for taking time reading my review, and I really appreciated it so much ! 

So let's get started for the review: 


Product name: GelSmart Moisturizing Shin Sleeves 

Price: Rm 119

Ingredients: Hydrogenated styrene isoprene/butadiene copolymer, mineral oil USP, Jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, canola oil, soybean oil, ceramics, green tea, willow, aloe vera. 

Fabric content: 95% Nylon, 5% spandex. 

Where to buy: Gelsmart Malaysia Fb page special 15% discount with code: Jenn3015

Suitable for : Men and women (free size)

This is a GelSmart moisture infused shin sleeves contain 7 essential oils, and advanced ceramides complex and sensory fragrances to :
- moisturize, condition and soften rough skin
-reduce roughness , cracking& dryness
- rejuvenate skin cells

The healing therapeutic gel lining will pamper your shins by moisturising and conditioning your skin while you wear them. 

The packaging as below: 
It come in durable packaging. So you don't need to worry while the shipping take place. 

This is the Shin Sleeves real product photo, they only come in free size. The length approximately 33cm. It is expandable.

This shin sleeve come with one side gel lining and the other side just a soft fabric. The texture of the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. I was really surprised that I wear it comfortable and I wear it longer than 30 minutes, it is very very soft touching fabric. The gel lining is not sticky, a little cooling effect to the skin.  It does't feel jelly/ watery feeling, just soft and smooth texture. You won't feel discomfort by the gel lining. The band doesn't feel tight and stay on nicely. 


-contain ceramides 

Ceramides are natural lipids in the skin's outer layer that help your skin to retain moisture fora more youthful appearance. Dry, irritated and sensitive skin have low ceramics levels which can compromise the skin's protective outer layer, making your skin more susceptible to a seasonal changes and irritants. 
-moisturise skin(rating 7/10) , no application needed 
-Non greasy, suitable for a person that don't like applying lotion /cream but need to moisturise their skin
-very comfortable to wear
- can be reusable up to 50 treatments
- washable (hygienic)
- "Fair to good" Moisturising effect appear on the skin
- durable


- One sided gel lining covering the shin , It would be great if it covering the calf as well 
-Free size ( should come in sizes) 
-Can only be purchase in Gelsmart Fb page 

 My Ratings:
Overal, I like it because it actually work and moisturise my skin with just wearing it. I can do whatever I wanna do, and after 30minutes, my skin look hydrated and soft. The level of moisture that it gives is fair to good. I always moisturise my shin for 30 minutes, and I turned the gel lining to my calf so that it can also moisturise my calf. At first I thought that it would be uncomfortable to wear it for 30minutes but then I was wrong. It is actually comfortable to wear, the fabric is so soft, and the gel lining is not sticky or watery or anything that make you uncomfortable. I think this product is even better if they come in sizes so that it will fit perfectly for every size of leg. For the price of Rm119 
It is suitable for workaholic, all you need to do is just wear them, and you can do whatever you want. Beside that, you can also apply your favourite body lotion and then wear this sleeves for added treatment for your skin. 

Have you tried anything like this before ?Any thought that you wanna share with me? Any question regarding this product, you are welcome to leave a comment down below.  

For more info and purchase : Check out Gelsmart Malaysia Facebook Page 
15% Discount code: Jenn3015

More product from Gelsmart : 

Disclaimer: This product was only send to me for my 100% honest review.

Short trip to Kuching Sarawak - Sarawak Cultural village

Hello everyone, 
Hi, i'm at Sarawak Cultural village

I'm crossing Bidayuh Bamboo Bridge

Today I want to share my short trip to Kuching Sarawak, all thanks to my friend's wedding that I have this trip to Kuching Sarawak. We (me and my bf) took Airasia direct flight to Kuching Sarawak, we were there for 3 days 2 nightsWe booked an apartment at Merdeka palace hotelbut we don't feel comfortable staying there because the room is dirtyand the whole room is just too creepyso we moved to Pullman hoteland it was just a lovely room. I booked a small viva car(90perday) for this tripthe person in charge without notice cancelled my booking, and I only know about it because I called the guy in charge day before I'm going to Kuching Sarawak. I ended up renting Alzaand it cost me Rm150perday. 

We received the car at the airport then we drove to our hotel and settle everything. I'm using waze app to look for direction, we drove to Sarawak cultural village to check out different cultures in Sarawak including Malay, Chinese, MelanauBidayuh, Orang Ulu, and IbanIt is a perfect place get to know the local cultural and lifestyle. There are 150 people living in this villagethey wear traditional costumes and dance for visitorsThey also showcase the making of handicrafts. I even bought a big necklace with two matching bracelet cost Rm70. It was actually a rainy day, luckily it stopped when we visited SCV. After we walk around SVC, we enjoy performance in their theatre, they performed multicultural dance performances. We had our dinner at my friend's pre wedding ceremony dinner at Fei Chui restaurant.

Venue : Sarawak Cultural Village (kuching) 

Admission fee: Rm15 for student card holder
Rm60 for adults 
Rm30 (6-12years old)

Time: 9am-5pm

overview of Sarawak cultural village

The tree log staircase 
Sugar cane crushing hut
Cooking in the long house

Demonstrating Blowpipe at Penan House

Making the blowpipe


After walk around the village, we enjoyed dance performance at 4pm ( there are 2 session each day 11am and 4pm) 

Some goodies I brought home:

Honey from airport (
Kuih Lapis from Dayang Salhal ( price range from Rm10 - 20)
Necklace and bracelet from sarawak cultural village in one of the Long house (Rm70)
Nail clipper keychain & bottle opener from Waterfront (Rm15 for 6)
Lots of biscuit from Old town in sarawak 

Have you been to Kuching Sarawak ? It is my first time visiting Kuching sarawak, didn't manage to go a lot of place and eat a lot of food but I did went to Song Kheng Hai hawker centre, premier 101 food court, apposite waterfront oldest historical building for breakfast satay and tong fun soup. No photo for all the foods because i accidentally deleted them :( 

My Christmas 2013

Hello everyone ! 

Christmas 2013 is over and I enjoyed my christmas with my family. My parents house was having christmas party for our friends and family to come over and buffet style food was prepared. Everyone was enjoying karaoke and dancing until midnight.  We opened our christmas on christmas day sharp 12am, it was the best part of christmas day and of course lots of food. I gained my weight but it is worth it ! We build a photo booth with green and red wallpaper and also this year I bought a big 8 feet tall christmas tree, we took millions of photos. Our christmas theme was blue colour, and our clothes are all coordinated with blue colour. Actually I celebrated christmas twice, early christmas celebration was at Kuala lumpur with two of my Bff and also my bf . It's a mini potluck party where I cook lamb stew (which is super delicious). How about your christmas celebration? 

My sisters from other parents! 

My chubby gummy bear :)

I'm grateful for having my amazing friends and family ! This is the greatest gifts that I ever received !


Hello everyone,
May this year of 2014 be : 

 A year of Health & Happiness
A year of Wealth & Wisdom 
A year of Peace & Prosperity 
A year of Glee and Glow
And also A year of Love & Laughter

MAYBE A NEW RESOLUTION for  a brand new year ? 
But for me, this year there will be no New resolution JUST A BRAND NEW ME:) 
Good luck everyone in Year of 2014!