Hado Labo Mild peeling lotion review

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Do you have dull and oily skin that is prone to acne ? Everyone wants glowing skin and flawless, and we wondering how to help our skin, and what makes our our face become dull ? 
When you are under 20, your skin cell turn over every 28 days. But by your 20s, turnover become slower, and between 30 to 40 it might be around every 40 days. Dead skin cell can be pill up, and that is the reason why your skin looking dull, because dead skin cell diffusing the light, that make your skin appear dull. 
Today I wanna review this Mild peeling lotion from Hado Labo. Hado Labo is famous for their super Hyaluronic Acid Mositurizing Lotion, in japan it is sold every 4 second. And they came out with new product that basically like a toner, and it can help you to soften and remove top layer of your dead skin. So Mild peeling lotion acts like exfoliator to remove your dead skin cell but it really a gentle product so you don't have to worry that it's too harsh on your skin. I was sent this product for review purpose and I'm been using it for more than a month. This is my 100% honest review. Let's get started:) 

Product name: Hado Labo Mild Peeling Lotion

product price: Rm49.90 (170ml)

Ingredients: Water, gluconic acid, pentylene glycol, butylene glycol, tranexamic acid, polyquatenium-51, sodium metabisulfite

Best for: Dull- Oily skin /acne

How to use: After cleansing, pour sufficient amount onto cotton and gently wipe on face and neck area, avoiding eye area. Use daily morning and night.

Where to buy: At all leading pharmacies nationwide( watson, guardian)
This is how the bottle packaging look like. 
Main ingredient of this product is Gluconic Acid. It is naturally found in fruits and honey. It work as a mild exfoliant to soften and remove the pilling up dead skin cell on your skin. It allows your skin to absorb nutrients better. Beside that It can also improve the skin's hydration resulting in smooth and supple skin. 

At the back of the bottle you can see information on the product, how to use, and also their ingredients. 

The texture of the product is watery , and you need to use a cotton pad to apply it on your face. 

It claimed to : 

- Gently soften skin leaving skin feeling fresh, smooth and soft
-Helps to tighten pores prevent clogged pores and breakouts 
-mild exfoliation to polish away dullness and helps brighten and even out skin tone
-help minimise the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity and firmness
-skin ph balanced. low irritate
-free of fragrances, alcohol, colorant and mineral oil. 

Jenngorgeous' rating


- Not tightening, drying my skin 
- free of fragrance, alcohol, colorant and mineral oil
- gentle to my skin 
- fresh skin after used 
- If I forget / no time to exfoliates my skin using scrub, I won't need to worry so much because I have a toner that works as exfoliator.
- I feel my skin are more supple after using cotton to wipe it on my face


- if you have dry skin type or combination towards dry, you might not seeing much different for your skin.  
Overall, it is best for people that has oily skin, acne prone skin that at the same time having dull appearance. Because it can remove your oiliness, refresh your skin and it doesn't irritate your skin. If you have redness on your skin or acne, you probably not recommended to use scrub or anything that too harsh on your skin.But this mild peeling lotion is best for you,  it also balances your skin Ph balance and at the same time it can hydrates and moisturise skin. I tested on my skin of the moisture level, it shows that my skin moisture level gone up 10%. So I personally recommended this product for oily skin/ acne that has dull and uneven skin tone to try out this product. As for normal to combination towards dry skin like me, you might not seeing much different, you can still get hydrates and moisturised but it did not give me that instant or too much of different before and after. 
If you have any question regarding this product , feel free to comment down below,and I'll try my best to help you . 

Have you tried this product ? You can also give us your thought on it for sharing :) To help us out so that we don't need to waste money on product that not working. Thank you so much for taking your time reading my blog. 
disclaimer: Product was sent to me for 100% honest review. 

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