Earth Care Organic Handmade Products Review

Hello Beautiful, 

Today I'm gonna introduce you to Malaysian product, Earth Care Organic handmade products. 
They are using organic ingredients and free from sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, animal fats, alcohol, and other form of toxic chemicals and preservatives. 
I've been trying out their products and let's see my review on each products. 

Bugbusters Herbal Insect repellent 

My review 
- I like the smell of it, it's not too strong ( pine, lemongrass, rosemary)
- suitable for insect bite
- suitable for insect repellent
- not too oily 
- suitable for kids

- non, except I want a more beautiful packaging

It's in my everyday bag, need it for mosquito repellent, I really scared of Dengue fever. will definitely put this all over my leg if I'm wearing shorts.

Warm Embrace (body scrub) 

Rm 24

- The roughness of the scrub is perfect for me, because its just a natural brown sugar
- melts while working on the skin
- natural exfoliator
- after used skin feels soft
- infused with ginger that can stimulate blood circulation, anti oxidant
- infused with lemon that is rich with vitamin c, natural skin whitening ingredients

- I don't really like the smell

Keep calm & relax (soap bar) 


I'm currently trying out the lavender and chamomile soap, which I love the scent of it, it makes me relax. 

Pros : 
- They come in different type of scent with different benefits. 
- I feel clean after used 
- Refreshing 
- doesn't dry up the skin 
- contain extra virgin oil 
- doesn't contain preservative or other toxic ingredients

- you have to look for a soap casing that fit a square one, usually soap casing is rounded shape 

Vanilla Sky ( lipscrub) 


- after exfoliate feel the lip is softer 
- smell yummy

- have to be very gentle on the lip, the scrub is a bit rough for me

If you have cracked lips, don't expect that it will magically remove all dead skin. Be gentle on your lips. 

Luscious Lavender 
Rm19/ 150g

- relaxing lavender scent, great for hot bath 
- has natural lavender inside
- remove toxin from body
- you can use up to 3 times for hot bath, and for soaking feet more than 6 times. 

I love taking hot bath, and just meditate and relax and enjoying my "me " moment. 

Macha van Nilla & Lavender LoveLipbalm 


- smells yummy for the Macha van Nilla ( if you love green tea)
- smells relaxing for the lavender love ( make my mind relax )
- moisturizing

- non, but I personally like something very light , but this make me feel like something thick on my lips

Overall, I like products from Earth Care, and they are not over priced. My most favourite products are the soap and also the Bath salt. Tried and tested their product, didn't have any sensitive reaction. Their products are all nicely done. Want to know more on their products you can check out their website 

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