Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 Review

Hello Ladies, 
I bet everyone love deals and discount ! How about you get a book of vouchers and you can enjoy complimentary services and also discount or even free membership and you can enjoy member's benefits. Let me introduce you to "Worthy Book Ladies Edition"
Yes it is now available at all major bookstores- Mph, Borders, Popular, Kinokuniya, Times and mynews.com. 


Product name: Worthy Book Ladies edition 2014/2015

Product price: Rm25

Where to buy : At all major bookstore, Mph, popular, times, borders, kinokuniya, and mynews.com

This is how the Worthy Book ladies edition 2014/2015 look like.  They are selling for Rm25. All the vouchers expired date until 31 march 2015. 
You can find deals for shopping, facial treatment, slimming treatment, bust enhancing treatment, beauty products discount, free 5 days gym memberships, free membership and enjoy member's benefits, spa discount and clothing discount. 

Example of voucher you can find in this book, discount offer, 15% off  Any purchases. And you can also get free membership for any purchase without minimum amount of purchase which normal you would required to buy at least Rm200 and get the membership.

All the terms and conditions are printed at the back of each vouchers.

Besides that,  you can find Buy 1 free 1 offer.

And also discount voucher for additional discount for discounted item.

Some vouchers that give you special discount code that you can redeem from online purchase. I did my online purchase at the body shop, no minimum purchase and I got my detangled comb for only Rm5.90 (normal price Rm19.90 after 20%off RM15.90 and I used my Rm10 discount off   ) and free shipping too .
The participating outlets: 
Algotherm, Babor, Monz, guardian, Himalaya healthcare, holika holika, muse by watsons, shills ,sothys, supermodel's secret, the body shop, the skin topic, the skin lab, TT mask, yves rocher, Icone de beaute, slimming sanctuary, Baleno, christy ng shoes, f block, mydressroom, three sixty, Zalora, My teksi, Jojoba spa, royal spa, serenity skin therapy, vila manja spa, Beebee nail, Bmic Nail spa, colour culture, sugarcoat nail salon, strip, celebrity fitness, ecoparadise spa, lo hong ka, kimarie, and zalora. 

My review: 

Jenngorgeous' rating 2.5 out of 5 

Personally, I think you can fully utilised this book if you are staying around kuala lumpur and selangor area because most of the participating outlet is around here. For me Rm25 I think it still consider worth the money but it all depends on whether any of the participating outlet that you interested on buying or trying. If you wanna try out a new service or brand it is a good start here, because you don't have to pay full price of it, you can pay at discounted price. I hope for more participating outlet, and more attracting deal. The deal offering in this book is fair because I expected to have more free services for us to try out and more attracting deals. 

These are vouchers that I find that attracting me:
In this book, you can redeem Free One session Ecoparadise antioxidant hotbed therapy that I highly recommended to try it out especially for those who always feel tired, you will feel the difference after you try out this therapy, it 's worth Rm60. 
And you also getting 30% off online purchase for TT mask, which you can buy the starter pack for Rm 58.92 which contain 10 pieces of mask  which originally Rm75.60. And what's special about this TT mask, is that it design with extra elastic cotton material that helps to achieve chin lifting effect and it also help the absorption of the serum to the skin. 
If you wan to look for affordable fashionable clothing, you can check out F BLOCK,  go to their website for quick overview what they are selling. They are giving out 3 of 15 % off discount voucher on normal price item and also free membership for any purchase. Their items are all from Rm10 and above. 
Rm88 for Algotherm Algoblanc Algo performance brightening revolution treatment (normal price Rm380/90mins) , I never try their facial treatment before so I can try them out at Rm88 instead of Rm380. 
The body shop online purchase Rm10 + free shipping, created a new account to enjoy this offer. 
I already purchase a detangled comb and I only pay Rm5.90 (normally RM19.90).
15% off storewide at zalora.com. which is really worth it, because you can get sephora products or anything on the site for 15% off no minimum purchase and if you buy more than Rm75 then you can get free shipping too. 
You definitely save more than Rm25, so you get back what you pay and enjoy more discount. 
What do you think of this Worthy book ? Let me know in the comment section down below. Thank you:) 

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