K- Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hello beautiful, 

One of my makeup essential is Eyeliner. Eyeliner can instantly enhance the beauty of your eyes, you can even change eye shape and draw the illusion of bigger eyes. Today I'm going to review this New Super black eyeliner from K-Palette. 
This product claim that : 

-Easy To draw flat end Brush
A flat end brush liquid eyeliner that allows you to draw either thin or thick liners! Can easily create a line which is three times thicker than usual.
Quick drying, water proof liquid eyeliner, highly resistant to water sweat and sebum. 

-Easy To Remove
Can be easily removed with lukewarm water despite its long lasting finish. 

-Contains Essence Ingredients
Sodium hyluronate, soluble collagen, swertia japonica Extract


Product Name: K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner SB01 Super Black

Price: Rm51.90

Where to get : at selected SASA outlet

This is how the flat end brush look like, you can draw either thin or thick line with it. 

Swatches for this eyeliner

Before and after I draw using K-pallet 1 Day magic liquid eyeliner.

My review:

- is great for beginner on drawing liquid eyeliner
- flat end applicator, can easily achieve thin and thick line
- quick drying 5/5
- easy to remove 
- good colour pay off
- waterproof ( resistant to water and tears) 

- quite expensive
- at least 2 coat to make fill up the colour 
- will smudge a little after few hours of using it ( but still acceptable) 

Overall, I like this eyeliner because of the design of the tips that can easily draw thin and thicker line.  And of course the colour pay off is great, you can get a very black eyeliner result . My eye lid is quite oily, this eyeliner only claim to be waterproof, which can resist water and tears. So it did smudge a little after wearing after 3 hours. I really recommend this for beginner that is learning to draw eyeliner.

Disclaimer: This product is sent to me for my 100% honest review. 

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