Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot file Review

Hello beautiful, 

We pay more attention on our face and body skin, but I think we mostly forget our feet. We don't give them much attention but they need daily basis care as well. For my opinion having smooth feet is so sexy.I think that our confidence really shine through us when only we are comfortable from head to toe. Having dry and crack skin on our feet are just a big No, and when you can see a thick yellow skin on the heel , that's disgusting right ? 
So today I wanna share how you can achieve baby smooth feet easily by using Scholl Velvet smooth express pedi. Here is my 100% honest review. 


Product name: Scholl Velvet smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File

Price: Rm129.90

where to buy: watson, guardian, caring, Aeon wellness

 Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic File
This is an electronic file, that works to buff away hard skin on your foot. It come in Blue colour. 

It needed 2AA batteries to operate. When you buy this set, it come with free batteries inside. 

You can buy the file refill packs separately. 

The size of this electronic file a bit larger than my palm. When including batteries, it weight approx. 230gram. 

To change the file, you just need to push this button and take off the file. 

This is how the file look like, and while you turn on the electronic file, it will rotate, so you just need to gently roll on your skin. Special design of micralumina roller to effectively remove dead skin.

My review: 

- Easy to use, single switch. you only need to turn if on by turning the silver area of the device. 
- Rotate by itself, you just need to place it where you want to buff your skin
- safe to use 
- definitely see result after 1 use
- travel friendly, use batteries 
- suitable for everyday use
- the roughness micralumina roller  is just nice, not hurting my skin
- save time

- quite noisy

Overal, I like it because it really save a lot of time instead of using the manual file where I have to work it on my skin. Although the price is quite high at Rm129.90, but it give me good result where I can feel my heel is much smoother after used. And it is really convenient, you just spend a little to buff your feet and you good to go out and show off your smooth feet.  

Event : Scholl Foot Pampering 
Date: 6-10 August
venue: 1 Utama shopping mall

Scholl is having foot pampering session from 6-10 August at 1 Utama Shopping mall. So if you wan to check out this baby and try it on before buying it, be sure to visit their booth. 

If you are interested on buying this baby, you can get Rm10 discount voucher to be used at your nearest Watson outlet. 
Get your discount voucher here:

Disclaimer: This product is sent to me for my 110% honest review. 

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