20 random Facts About Me

Hello Beautiful, 
I have been tagged by my dear Joanna, and here's my random facts about me. So just chillax and read okay :) 

20  Random Facts About me : 
1. I know how to write in chinese。example: 我爱你, 你好吗?

2. I have a wild imagination.

3. Heels or flats ? Heels please  

4. I love reading. I can read when I was very little around 5 to 6 years old , and I remember my favourite - majalah ujang- majalah gila gila ( malay comic book) I don't know if it's appropriate for kids. 

5. I'm half chinese half kadazan

6. I'm sabahan from a small town called Beaufort. 

7. I'm a movie junkie. I love love watching movie. 

8. I believe in God. 

9. I love to listen to real life story. Share with me your life story. 

10. I don't like to drink coffee. I like Milo. 

11. I have 2 baby- cookie and mashimaro ( shih tzu )

12. Started blogging www.jenngorgeous.com because I simply wanna share with everybody in this world. 

13. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. Thanks mom and dad. 

14. Pc or Mac ? MAC (screaming) 

15. I have one EX-best friend. 

16. I have super dark skin when I was in my secondary school, outdoor girl. 

17. All my wishes come true. (not kidding at all)

18. I'm a happy person.

19. I have an amazing and adventurous life. I want to write a book of my life someday. 

20. I always believe that I have the prettiest smile. Don't you ? Hehe

Share with me, Your " 20 random facts About Me" . I wanna read them. 

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