Vaseline New Body Serum Review

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Last Thursday, I attended the launching of Vaseline New Body Serum Range at Sunway Resort Hotel. And the best part is where they let us enjoyed relaxing massage at Mandara spa and the therapist applied Vaseline Body Serum at the end of the session, surprisingly it doesn't feel oily and for my first impression I really do like it. Lately, I'm neglecting my body skin with my busy schedule. So you can imagine my cracking skin especially my legs.  The weather is so hot and I don't bother to apply any lotion because I'll ended up being fussy whole day because of the greasy feeling. 
These are the Vaseline Body Serum, from left Total Moisture Nourishing, Healthy White Spf 30 and Healthy White Perfect 10. I'm currently using the Total moisture Nourishing Serum ( for night) and also the Healthy White Spf30 PA++( for morning). 
Total Moisture Nourishing Serum contain concentrated oat extract and gives 10 times* the moisturising boost, keeping skin nourished all day. ( 10 times more oat extract as compared with vaseline total moisture nourishing lotion)
Healthy White SPF30 Serum  offers 3 times* skin fairness protection with its concentrated UVB and UVA formula while vitamin B3 helps to achieve lighter and brighter skin tone. *( compared to lotion without sunscreen and vitamin B3)  

Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum offers 10 times* the anti aging benefits thus keeping skin looking younger and fairer. *( anti aging ingredients vs Vaseline perfect 10 lotion) 

At the event, they prepared some test for us to prove that Vaseline will not leave the skin feeling sticky.  
We tested the moisture level, my skin moisture go from 30% up to 80% after I applied the Total Moisture Nourishing Serum. And we also tested out using the oil bloating paper, the test result showed that it didn't have any oil residue. I can feel it myself, completely no greasy feeling.

Then they also showed that how important is the skin to have SPF protection. Our skin will have wrinkles and dark spots, so to prevent it become worst day by day exposed to the UVA and UVB, we can apply the Healthy White Serum because it contain SPF 30PA++. If you want to let your skin to stay young and healthy you can use the Healthy white perfect, it contain anti aging benefits. 

Here's My Review after using it for about about 5 days now.


Product name: Vaseline Body Serum - Healthy White SPF30 PA ++, Healthy White Perfect Serum, Total Moisture Nourishing Serum.

Price: RM19.90

Where to buy : Any store carrying Vaseline brand. Watson, Guardian

I'm using both the Vaseline Total Moisture nourishing Serum and also healthy white Spf 30PA++. Le's see my review after 5 days of using them. 
My review: 


- No sticky feeling
- Lightweight Formula
- smell nice 
- leaving my skin soft 
- can feel my skin is well moisturised throughout the day
- can reapply throughout the day
- suitable for those who dislike lotion



Overall, I really like this body serum. First, it really prove to me that the claim of no stickiness after used is true. Within second it absorb to my skin and my skin is soft and moisturised. In the morning, although I'm not walking under the sun, but in car or just walking shaded places, my skin will be exposed to UVB and UVA so with super lightweight formula of Vaseline healthy white serum, I have no excuse not to apply a protection on my skin. At night, I'm sleeping with aircond, so I have to make sure my skin is not drying up and cracking up. I can't sleep well with oily lotion, so Total moisture serum definitely my choice for now. I highly recommended that  you try it out yourself if you are looking for body moisturiser that leave no sticky feeling. 

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