Lancome Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ Luncheon event

Hello beautiful, 
Today I attended Lancome luncheon at Maison Francaise. Lancome introduced their New Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl. I'm very excited when it comes with eye care product, because taking care of my skin around my eye areas is the most challenging. Fine lines, dark eye circles, and eye bag I have all three major problem. So when I received my invitation, I can't wait to see how it really works. Lancome claimed to give result in just 1 month, eyes visibly bigger, and the appearance of eye
bag is reduced. This product has a formula infused with light and a new flexible applicator uniting metal and elastomer, working together in perfect harmony for unprecedented performance. The performance of an advanced application technique for an exceptional formula to open up the eyes and instantly illuminate them.  As if lifted, the eye contour is visibly less puffy. It is smoothed, softer and revived with new radiance.

Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ features a reinforced light-infused formula containing resin microbeads for immediately visible effectiveness. The size and shape of these extremely soft microbeads are calibrated to deliver an optimal soft focus effect. They are accompanied by a rubber element that soothes the thin and fragile skin around the eye by providing incredible comfort. 
This evanescent, translucent and featherweight gel with a blurring effect creates a delicious shiver on the skin during the entire massage. Its full, rounded texture works in harmony with the massage pearl. Its glide-on quality and absorption are adapted to the routine to make each application a precious ritual, a pure moment of sensoriality, a wonderfully addictive eye-awakening choreography, morning after morning. 

This is the Lancome Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™. If you can notice that I took the product with a flash on, so you can see it does actually got micro light in the product. So I'm assuming that when you applying this on the eye area, it will definitely help to reflects light and appearing like you put highlighter under your eye. 

My first impression on Genifique Yeux Light Pearl, it has a light texture serum,  glides on the skin easily. My skin absorb the product quickly. It doesn't have fragrance or any strong smell. The applicator is very unique, it give a little cooling sensation on the skin, and it also glides easily on the eye while giving your eye a massage. Due to packaging design with the applicator, the downside is that you have to clean the tip before you put it back in the bottle and also the the applicator takes out a lot of product at once so you have to like push it back. After trying it out on my eyes area, I can feel it refreshes my skin around my eye area, and I notice that it also depuffing my eye bag. I will do a full review on this product next month. So stay tuned. 

Lancome has prepared a beauty counter where we can try out the new Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl along with their in house eye beauty machine. Do you know that you also can try out this quick 2 minutes eye treatment at any Lancome counter for free.

After the eye massage, a light makeup touch up by Lancome makeup artist. 

 Here's some photos taken at the luncheon: 

If you want to try out Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™, it is available now at their lancome counter. For more info:

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