Miss Universe 2017

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New Miss Universe is finally here! Congratulations to Miss South Africa Demi Leigh Nel Peters. She is indeed a gorgeous queen! I fall in love with our new Miss Universe, she got the brain and beauty! She has the confident to talk in front of the crowd and I'm sure she can bring a lot awareness and success to all the charity event she will be handling soon. Let's support her together! 

Iphone X Best Deals in Malaysia

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Iphone X is finally here in Malaysia! This is definitely in my wish list. Where to get Malaysia iphone X best deal? 

What is Iphone X? 
Iphone X is a smartphone. 
What so special?
1. A new feature: Trudepth camera enable facial recognition - FACE ID, it can scan you face and set as password. And also analyses your facial mucle to mirror your expression to a Animoji ( cute animation cartoon) 
2. You also can take way better quality photo with your phone. It has studio lighting effect, take better photo in low light condition. You can zoom up to 10x for photo and 6x for video. You don't have to get another camera in your life.
3. The screen expanded cover the front to its maximum capacity, no more home button. Support wireless charging
4. Personally I think the design of the phone is sophisticated and luxurious feeling. The size is perfect for my small palm or universal palm size, very easy to control swiping and using. It support Minimalist lifestyle. It might be one of the best smartphone in the world, because it is working smoothly and the device is using the best technology and software so you got everything you need in your palm, reaching to people effortlessly, your camera and all your work stuff send email, saving documents, editing, you can operate your online business, write journal, reading books, play games and eco friendly apps ( for example carpooling) and more. 
For more info:  https://www.apple.com/my
I was looking for option how can I afford this baby? You might be looking too right. So here's what I found: 

Cyber Monday 2017

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You have one more chance to enjoy shopping with more discount today! It's CyberMonday! Basically cybermonday is similar with Black Friday, you are getting special discount for just a day but through online only. 

Sephora Black Friday Sale Must Buy!

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Sephora is now having 15% sitewide Black Friday Sale! Don't be panic, I know you don't want to missed out this chance to get something before christmas. I got your back, don't be panic here are some of my Top Black Friday Sale Must buy list. 
Kat Von D
Tattoo Liner RM99
This eyeliner is one of the best eyeliner that I ever tried before. The colour is so pigmented and it stay on my eyes for a very long time. Beginner must have. 

adidas YEEZY 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 Malaysia

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Anyone here a Yeezy shoe fan or Kanye west? The new adidas YEEZY 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 is now available for you to grab for just RM990. It is on my wishlist and I thought you might want it on your wishlist too. 
I tried my sister's Yeezy. Personally I think the design is a bit weird for my taste, not really my type. Due to social media hype, there are a lot of picture and the more I look at it the nicer it became. And when I put it on,  I feel comfortable and it snuggle my feet nicely. So I can still accept to pay RM990 for a pair of Yeezy,  but I will not pay for a jack up price RM2000 for it. 
This shoes is very limited and very hard to get. Everyone is getting it might not be interested to wear it but to resell it. You need luck to get it here in Malaysia with the original price. So here's how you can get it. 
Join Sole What Online raffle, they will randomly pick out the winner and you get to buy the size you choose earlier. You have to bring your Ic for confirmation and must make your purchase on 25/11/2017 at Solewhat Sunway Pyramid. 
1.SOLE WHAT YEEZY 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 Online Raffle
Sunway Pyramid
Date:  23 November 2017
Online Raffle: https://solewhatraffle.typeform.com/to/E2n5fS CLOSED

2. Adidas Originals Suria KLCC Live Raffle
Date: 24th NOV 2017
More Info CLOSED

3. Dowload JD sport Apps Online Raffle (make sure change to Malaysia store)
Pavilion Mall
Date:  23 November 2017
More info CLOSED

Good luck! My size is UK3.5, so just in case you feeling generous send me one pair please:) 

Sephora Christmas Very Extra Wishlist 2017

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I'm drooling now! These are my Sephora Christmas wishlist. If you are feeling generous this year, please send me some of these goodies. If you are looking for gift idea, these are best gift for someone that use makeup or just a makeup collector. A very good tips for online shopping, is to join SHOPBACK to earn cashback. You can earn up to 6% of cash back while buying stuff at www.sephora.my

List of Black Friday Sale Malaysia

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Black Friday is here! 24th November 2017 is where the crazy black friday sale start and will end on the same day.  It is the time where you can do your holiday shopping and saving a lot more Ringgit. I know you might be thinking Black Friday is famous in US only, how can I join the sale. Some of the Malaysia retail store do have their own Black Friday event, I have also include the list down below. And thanks to online shopping, we can be anywhere to join the sales as long as it provides shipping.Before you start your online shopping journey, I highly recommend that you sign up for SHOPBACK! Earn cash back from your online shopping. I received my RM350 cash back just from shopping through Shopback. It is easy to use and legit! Check out how it work and sign up your account for free here https://www.shopback.my/referred-signup-bonus?raf=rwd1Dc 

For those looking fro Cyber Monday sale, Read here: CYBER MONDAY SALE 2017