New Year's Eve Party Looks

Hello Beautiful,
Going to New year's eve party ? Still couldn't decide on what outfit you are going to wear tomorrow. Here some of my outfit collage and it might inspired you. You can find similar items or you can purchase everything from . 
1.Rock a knee length skirt, paired with a crop top. Show your side of femininity.
clutches bag - Alice + olivia 

2. This is my top choice for now, because I gained so much weight after my holiday, and a blazer will help me to cover up,  match up with a shimmery shorts, you will look fabulous. 

blazer -LAVEER boyfriend blazer
Shorts- J.O.A fete sequin shorts
bag- Alexander Mcqueen

3. You are going dance and taking lots of  photos, all you need is a comfortable outfit. Another great outfit to throw on is a jumpsuit. 
 Clutches- Inge Christopher Corsica Box Clutch
Jumpsuit - Shoshanna Lace Sierra Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit - Bec & Bridge Wild Again Jumper
mini bags- Tory Burch Robinson Metallic Shrunken Boxy Satchel

Share with me your New year outfit on Instagram, and hastag #oony2015, would love to see your Outfit Of New Year2015 . 

What I got for christmas ?

Hello beautiful, 
"Jingle bells! Jingle Bells! All I want for Christmas ... lalalala.." 
Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a great time with your family. This year I celebrated Christmas with my beloved family and friends. My parents throwing a big party for everyone. We enjoyed singing karoke, and  zumba dancing performance by my mother and her friends. Lots of food, christmas cookies, and dessert. And my santa send me awesome gift this year, I've been a good girl. I wanna thank you for all the awesome gorgeous gift. I love reading and watching "what i got for christmas", and I think you love it too right ? I'm not bragging in any way, just wanna share what I got this year and please do share with me what you got too okay.
This is my Pandora Santa charm. It's so cute and so my it's going to be on my bracelet !! If you don't know about Pandora, it's a bracelet that you can customized with more than thousand of charms available to design your own bracelet. 

And I also got this is the pandora leather bracelet.  I'm going to build another new story for my new bracelet. 

This is the cutest candy, it's not mine but I got to eat it too. This candy is all the way from japan.  

I'm so surprised that I got a bag this year !! I never get enough with bags. I'm in love with this cute bucket bag, It's really convenient to bring this everywhere, it's light. It also have two ways to carry it, over the shoulder or just hang it on my arms. I can throw in almost everyhing I need in it. 

I'm not a baby girl anymore, but deep inside I'm still that little girl and I always will be. I love teddy bear, and I got this cutest bear ever that I can bring it everywhere with me. Don't you just love it ? I'm going to hang it on my new bag. 

Have you build nanoblocks before ? It's my first time and I'm already addicted to build it, and I wanted to get more. I think it's very great time spending and exercise your hand and brain. You should get it and play the real game instead of playing apps . 

Omg ! This is the pretiest make up tool i ever got !! Gorgeous eyelash curler. It will take care of my eyelashes for the rest 2015. 

Another sweet and cozy gifts, I always love receiving Sleepwear, socks and scarf. 
I'm so happy to receive all these, they are really thoughtful and I really enjoyed my christmas this year ;) 
How was your christmas ? Share with me :) 

My Bath & Body Works Haul

Hello beautiful, 

I went to the first day opening of bath&body works at Nusentral last saturday, and they were giving limited tote bag for free if you purchase above Rm250. What I love about Bath&body works product, they have variety of scent to be chosen from, and the smell actually last longer than what I expected. The smell is just right , not too much and making me feel dizzy.  I didn't get any body care for myself because I was running out of time and I cannot decide which scent that I want ( biggest problem with too many to choose from and too little money to spend ). I will definitely go and purchase them soon. And I did tested out my boyfriend body wash with my pH level pen, the body wash+ hair wash  are both in between the average pH Level of 4.5 to 5.75. 

Let me show you what me and my boyfriend got last Saturday. 

This is the free tote bag, limited to 100 customer, I'm not sure if they going to give this free bag again soon. 

This is the foaming hand soap, the foam texture is thick and I like the the scent so much ! My hands feel clean and it doesn't ripping my skin with overly dry after wash. It is Rm30 for 32. 

I bought 6 pocketbacs ( 3 Pink chiffon , 2 Paris amour, 1 strawberry )  and 3 black flowery holders. The scent that I love the most is the strawberry, but I left it in my car so its not in the picture below. I gave 2 pink chiffon and 2 holders to my bffs. 

I'm in love with the Pocketbac, first it sanitised my hand and it smell so lovely, and it also selling the holder so that you can keep it attached with your bag and you can keep your hand clean anytime anywhere. 

This is the 60 second manicure hand scrub, a quick treatment for my hands that look like I've been to a hand spa. Haven't tried it yet, will do a full review soon. It is Rm50.

My boyfriend got himself two Hair+ Body wash and one deodorising body spray. Rm120 for 3. I did a pH level test for both the body wash, and it is between the average pH level, so don't worry that I will ripped off your acid mantel( natural skin barrier). 

the pH level is suitable for our skin 

the pH level is suitable for our skin

Share with me your Bath and body works haul too :) 

Countdown 10 days to CHRISTMAS :)  

Bath & Body Works NuSentral Kuala Lumpur

Hello beautiful, 
I'm so excited finally the opening of Bath &body works at Nu Sentral Kuala lumpur yesterday. I went there around 2pm unfortunately they are not able to open until 6pm, so I get back home and get ready for early christmas celebration at my friend's house. It was so packed, we waited for 10 to 15 minute to check out our stuff. They are currently selling most of there normal items and some christmas set. But I haven't seen any christmas set that I like. 

Lot's of people queuing for their turn to go in the store. 

Long queue , you can pay by cash and also by card. 

Bath&Body works price in malaysia:

Pocketbac (small scented hand sanitiser) Rm12 each 
Pocketbac holder Rm20 without fancy light , Rm30 with fancy light 

Full sized: 
Shower Gel Rm50 
Body lotion Rm50 
Fragrance mist Rm55 
Body cream Rm50 
Body Scrub Rm62
Bubble bath Rm55
2.05oz Eau de toilette Rm120 / RM140 
3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Rm120 
Shimmer mist Rm62

Trio to go : ( small sized) 
Shower gel RM20
body lotion RM20 
Fine fragrance mist Rm25 

Hand Soap (foaming) Rm22 

Wallflower plug RM25 
Wallflower bulb Rm25
Room spray Rm20

Candles (big) RM78 
Candles (medium ) RM40 
Candles (mini) RM20 

Promotion price:  Shower gel & Body mist & Body lotion 295ml , promo Rm120 for mixing any 3 , each could be Rm45 and above 

Hand soap Buy 2 Rm30 

Pocketbac Buy 3 RM30 

Wallflower bulb Buy 2 RM45, Buy 4 Rm85 

Gift set would be from Rm78 (on the go size) Rm140 (full sized ) 

If you purchase Rm250 above you can get limited edition tote bag, for the first 100 customer only.
This free tote bag is fully redeemed. 

Bath&Body Works 
Venue: Ground floor, Nu Sentral Kuala lumpur 

My Sephora christmas haul 2014

Hello beautiful, 
Finally I'm having my holiday and I'm going back to my hometown next week. So basically I'm having a shopping week. I went to Sephora for christmas gift shopping and bought some product from Too Faced, Glamglow, Laneige and also Kate Somerville. If you wanna get stuff from Sephora, they are having promotion where you can get a stamp of Rm120 purchase and you collected 2 stamp to get lucky draw, and 5 stamp to get a pouch and 6 stamp which you completed the whole stamp card you can get a tote bag, this promo is until 25th December 2014.

I got two item from Too faced Christmas collection, I really love the too faced melted lip colour( RM95) . They are my current favourite. Will do a full review soon. And I also got this Too faced carousel set(RM165)  where it can be a separate gift for christmas present, they contain of 3 eyeshadow palette, 2 blusher and bronzer, and 1 mascara. 

Next, I got this toner for my boyfriend, it's from Kate somerville. He needed a new toner, so I thought why not try out this brand.

My boyfriend keep asking me for the glamglow mask which I let him try last time, so i decided to buy this Supermud clearing treatment that is suitable for his acne and big pores skin. He really like it because the mask improve the texture of his skin and his acne is reducing. It's Rm240.

My current skincare product is from Laneige and I really love the water bank range. I got this moisturizer for my boyfriend that is gel type which make him feel that he is putting any moisturiser on.

Freebies I got after collecting all the stamp. 

Miniature of bare mineral products and nail polishes from sephora. 

A big tote and a metalic pouch. 

What to wear : Christmas outfit 2014 Below RM120

Hello beautiful, 
No idea what to wear for christmas party ? Tight budget , heres how your can look absolutely gorgeous under RM120 for the whole outfit. 

Check out my inspiration christmas look, you can get the same item or you can just let this look as your inspiration look. Every year my family will be having a theme colour for our christmas outfit, this year, we choose black, white and silver. 

something borrowed White dress RM27 
Ezra pointed silver heels Rm29 

SZE accessories crystal neclace RM35

H&M Rm59
Leatherette Skirt With Stepped Hem Rm18
Ezra pointed black heels Rm29
Necklace RM12

H&M jumper RM49.90
something borrowed ripped jeans Rm29
zalora mini bag Rm23
Zalia glitter point flats Rm17

Get 15% off first purchase 
Discount code : ZBAP1JB

Happy shopping:) 

Magnum Kuala Lumpur

Hello Pleasure seeker, 

Yesterday, I was invited to grand opening of Magnum Kuala lumpur. 
Magnum Pleasure Store has now arrived in Kuala lumpur and bringing the ultimate indulgence pleasure to us. Best part of the store is where we can customised our own naked Magnum ice cream. They specifically design infinity Bar, and there are 250,000 possibility of "Make My Magnum" creations available for us. I think its the best excuse to eat ice cream everyday, because you want to try out all combination right :) 

How to "Make My Magnum" ? 
1. Choose the preferred naked Magnum (for example vanilla or chocolate brownies flavour) 
2. choose your toppings ( for example nuts , marshmallow) A lot interesting toppings that I never tried before like chilli flakes and goji berry.  
3. choose your coatings of Belgian chocolate brand ( for example white, dark, milk chocolate ) 
4. Choose your Drizzles( for example white, dark, milk chocolate )

How Much ? 

3 toppings + 1 coating + 1 drizzles = RM9.90 

Beside " Make my magnum" , there are special drinks, food and other dessert available. For Magnum Kl pleasure store they crafted Magnum Kaya waffle toast only for malaysia. And if you wondering whats their signature creations, it will be the Magnum triple choice cookie skillet, Magnum Galaxy and Magnum Triffle. 

Brought home this personalised Magnum chocolate with my name written. 

Special performance by our Malaysian R&B queen Ning Baizura. She is wearing glamorous dress from Rizman Ruzaini. 

The finale of the event, 6 magnum muses showcasing six artistic creation of Magnum ice cream. 
 Wak Doyok a man rich in style paired with The Magnum Black Leather by Fairuz Ramdan.

Ning Baizura paired with The Magnum Diva, I love hers the most. 

For more information about Magnum Malaysia please visit